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How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

Many of our customers ask us this very question.  We answer the question by helping you determine your storage needs.

The first step is to click on the “Unit Size Guide” button on our website.  Our guide will give you a general idea of what will fit in the various storage space sizes we offer.

The next step is to visit our facility and look at the various storage spaces we offer so that you can visualize how much room you will need to store your belongings.

You also may want to consider whether you plan on moving items in and out of storage or whether you need easy access to your belongings.  If so, we recommend that you rent a larger storage space than you would rent if you simply want to store your items and do not plan on accessing or moving your belongings in or out of your storage space.

Finally, as part of our free pick up and move-in service, our experienced and helpful movers will take a look at your belongings and recommend the most appropriate and practical storage solution for your needs.

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